For Hiring Departments

Hiring a CDL Driver

  • If a vacancy arises for a position that requires the type of driving duties that require a CDL, this should be listed in the job posting. It is important to indicate the type of CDL license needed and any necessary endorsements (for example – passenger or hazmat).  If a department needs guidance about a job posting, they should contact their Talent Consultant for assistance.
    When completing the application, candidates are required to provide their employment history in which they used their CDL for the preceding 10 years in accordance with FMCSA § 383.35 of Regulation Part 383.  This information includes the names and addresses of previous employers for which the candidate was an operator of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), dates the candidate was employed, and the reason for leaving such employment.
    Appropriate steps will be required to correct the application if this information is lacking.
  • When the hire action (JAR transaction) is entered, the initiator from the department should mark the box that indicates that a CDL will be used in this position.  This alerts the Background Check Program to perform additional necessary steps prior to the endorsement of the candidate.  A criminal background check and a motor vehicle report (MVR) will be conducted.  The MVR will verify the type of CDL license and any endorsements and / or restrictions for driving.
  • The Background Check Program will also conduct an investigation into the candidate’s past employment, to ensure there were no violations of DOT’s drug and alcohol testing policies.
  • The finalist candidate will also be subject to a pre-employment drug test; this must be conducted  and negative results received prior to finalization hire. The Background Check Program coordinates the testing with the candidate; however, the hiring department is responsible for the test costs.


  • Individuals who supervise employees who perform CDL driving duties are required to complete Reasonable Suspicion to help understand the signs and symptoms of  individuals who are under the influence of, or misuse, drugs or alcohol (FMCSA § 382.603 of Regulation – Part 382). Departments should notify the Background Check Program whenever there are changes to the supervisory assignments of CDL employees or new supervisors are hired. Departments may also request refresher training as needed.


  • In addition to the pre-employment testing mentioned above, there are other times when employees may need to undergo a drug or alcohol test. All testing scenarios and procedures are outlined here.
  • The most common testing occurs as a result of the employee’s selection for a random test. The Background Check Program will coordinate testing efforts with supervisors, but supervisors should only inform employees at the moment when the employee is being sent; no advanced notice can be given to the employee.
  • If a department believes that a test is needed for post-accident or reasonable suspicion, they should immediately contact Employee Relations and the Background Check Program for instruction.
  • Departments should notify the Background Check Program when CDL employees separate from NC State or undergo a break from employment that is 30 days or longer, so that individual may be removed from the CDL testing pool.  A pre-employment (or pre-duties) test will be required before being hired again or being assigned CDL driving duties.

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