For Hiring Departments

The Background Check Program supports the efforts of hiring authorities to ensure a highly qualified and competent workforce is in place to meet university needs, while also ensuring selected candidates present minimal risk to the safety, security and continued success of NC State. Our program aims to complete the background check both quickly and thoroughly so there is minimal delay in the finalization of the hiring process.

What if a current employee discloses a recent criminal conviction?

  • Supervisors should contact the Background Check Program at 919-513-2283 in the event an employee discloses they have been convicted of crime during employment with NC State.
  • Supervisors should also contact Employee Relations at 919-515-6575. Employee Relations can provide additional guidance since it may be necessary to place an employee on investigatory status pending the results of an investigation.

How can a hiring department request a background check?

Hiring Departments are responsible for requesting a background check on new hires, transfers, and promotions within their department. Generally, this request will be automatic when the hire action is entered into the Job Action Request (JAR) System. Hiring Departments should be knowledgeable about the position’s description and required duties in order to request an appropriate background check scope. Hiring Departments should also utilize the “comments” section of the Background Check request to communicate with the Background Check Program about start dates, working titles, additional responsibilities, education requirements, and other information that may be needed during the background check process. For more information on the Hiring Department’s role in partnership with the Background Check Program, please review the Background Check Procedures.

Hiring Department personnel are commonly an applicant’s first point of contact when they experience difficulty accessing their electronic background check form. In order to assist both the hiring department and the applicant, we have created a Help Document for Hiring Managers to Troubleshoot Access to the BGC Form.  This help document includes instructions and solutions for common issues and other tips and tricks. If an individual still experiences difficulty they are encouraged to contact the Background Check Program at 919-513-2283 or

How can a hiring department request to NOT have a background check?

When to use email:

The email is a workaround designed to prevent the applicant from receiving the background check login/instruction email(s). This workaround is used only when an applicant is an existing employee and does not need a background check. Typically, a hiring department will know a background check is not needed due to the fact that the employee has had a background check very recently (6 months for temps, 1 year for permanent employees). In addition, the new position must not include any additional risk duties such as driving, cash-handling, working with minors, or living in residence halls unless they were duties assigned to the previous position.

If you believe your applicant does NOT need a background check and is an existing employee, please put the email address in the applicant email spot on the hire action and then include the applicant’s true email in the ‘Comments to the Background Check Program’. This will trigger the system to generate the emails to our review email address and will prompt our program to review the transaction. Generally, reviews are completed within 24 hours. If the review finds that the applicant does not need a background check, the transaction will move forward. However, if the review finds that the applicant does need a background check, the Background Check Program will send the background check emails to the applicant via the email provided in the comments section. The department will be notified if the background check emails are going to be sent.

Please do not send regular correspondence to this email address, this email is for system generated emails only. For anything else, please us

Process for requesting or skipping background checks for existing and new employees:

Existing Employee

New Employee

Want a BGC

Normal process is to run a background check, no extra action needed

*If a rule exists where we would not typically run a background check (ex. faculty exception) and you would like a background check anyway, please make a comment in the BGC area when entering the job action

Normal process is to run a background check, no extra action needed

*These types of checks generally take the longest amount of time

Do NOT want a BGC

Use the if you believe that a BGC is not needed and put the applicant’s email in comments
(SEE: When to use the email)*For Unpaid positions or “N” Job codes, background checks are at the discretion of the hiring department.
Applicant will have to fill out the form;
DO NOT use the email address. Please make a comment in the BGC area that you do not want a background check and once the form is submitted by the applicant, the Background Check Program will review. If a background check is ultimately needed, the HR initiator will be notified.

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